Power modules: Nanotechnology Applications

Organizations are utilizing nanoparticles of platinum to lessen the measure of platinum required, or utilizing nanoparticles of different materials to supplant platinum completely and in this manner bring down expenses. Energy units contain films that enable hydrogen particles to go through the cell however don't permit different iotas or particles, for example, oxygen, to go through. Organizations are utilizing nanotechnology to make more effective films; this will enable them to assemble lighter weight and longer enduring energy components. Little energy components are being produced that can be utilized to supplant batteries in handheld gadgets, for example, PDAs or PCs. Energy units that can supplant batteries in electric autos are likewise being worked on. Hydrogen is the fuel most analysts propose for use in energy unit controlled autos. Notwithstanding the changes to impetuses and layers examined above, it is important to build up a lightweight and safe hydrogen fuel tank to hold the fuel and manufacture a system of refueling stations. To fabricate these tanks, scientists are attempting to create lightweight nanomaterials that will ingest the hydrogen and just discharge it when required.